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1. When can i start the binding?

The postnatal massage and binding can start two (2) weeks after natural delivery, six (6) weeks after c-section.

Frequent Asked Questions


2. What can i do if i don't have a massage table at home?

Our therapist can work on your bed for your comfort if a massage table is not available.

3. What should I need to prepare?

All are inclusive. You may want to have two bathing towel to cover your body in the massage session. 

4. How to reschedule the service start date if my actual delivery date and/or delivery method change? 
Anita will contact you 2 weeks before your estimated due date to follow up your situation or you can contact her  to update your status. Both parties will discuss and work out a new schedule. 
5. How can I make a reservation?

Please feel free to contact us via or click here.

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