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About Postnatal Care

Company background

Postnatal Care was founded by Mrs. Anita Ko on 2012. Anita was experienced the benefits of traditional Jamu massage and binding after delivered her first lovely baby boy on 2010. It was conducted by a Singaporean Malay, Ms. Rohanie also became the mentor of traditional tummy binding treatment.


After delivered the second baby boy, Anita got her second postnatal massage and binding from an Indonesian Chinese, Ms Suryanti H, in hong kong. The flabby tummy was reduced once again by this traditional belly binding treatment. Anita was so excited and would love to share this to all moms. She went to study and qualify as a postnatal massage thereapist in the same year. 


Though Anita had learnt the baby massage from Chinese practitioner, she continued to enhance her skill and qualified by International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM), the largest and most experienced infant massage organization in the world with a presence in more than 50 countries. She started to provide IAIM baby massage teaching from 2013.     




To provide high quality service and product to support mothers via the traditional and holistic approach.




All postpartum women can have a supportive and enjoyable parenthood 

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