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Breastfeeding Massage & Consultation 通乳按摩及餵哺咨詢

Breastfeeding Massage & Consultation 通乳按摩及餵哺咨詢

Our Chinese confinement lady will help you on the breastfeeding process like how to teach baby the correct sucking position, how to handle the sore nipple, how to enhance the milk flow. Also with the special stroke for breast massaging which can help to smooth the blockage.
  • Details

    Consultation: 1 hour (Include massaging)
    咨詢及服務時間: 一小時 (包括通乳按摩)
    Q: When should I start this? 我應在何時開始通乳按摩?
    A: Starting from baby born, you can book this service. The earlier to do the Breast massage, easier on the breastfeeding process. 由嬰兒出生開始,便可以開始.愈早開始按摩讓乳腺暢通,妳的哺乳過程會更順利.
    Q: My milk flow slow down and start feel painful, what should I do? 我的乳房開始感覺痛楚,奶量也減少了,我應當怎麼辦?
    A: Breast massage may help on mild milk grand blockage and mild mastitis. Though massaging may help, you should refer your medical professionals advice. 通乳按摩對一般乳腺阻塞及初發乳腺炎有一定幫助,但我們仍建議妳聯絡你的醫護人員.
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